Integrate your Pool and Spa with Control 4

pool control

If you own a home with a pool then it is possible to integrate your pool and spa. Control 4 integration not only allows for having secondary control of your pool. You can control the lighting system as well. Most pool controllers like Pentair allow for basic integration with your pool. The Control 4 application can pull up the pools pump and temperature controls. It can also control your pool lights.

Automating with Control 4

Many people who own pools can simply control the lights and pumps with their respective pool control apps. However, when we integrate the pool controller with Control 4 this allows a deeper integration. First it centralizes control for all of your houses systems such as audio, video, cameras, shade control, and pool control all within the Control 4 application.

An automation sequence can be turned on with a push of a button on a Control 4 keypad. For example, after a lighting sequence is activated the outdoor television can turn on and go to your favorite channel. Music can start playing throughout the Accurate Communication Services Inc. designed outdoor landscape system and possibilities are endless. There are many ways of automating your backyard entertainment.

It is important to note that the pool system controller must be set up by the pool company. The Control 4 system only sees the data provided by the pool controller. There is a interface device that is required to make it work with the Control 4 system. It does not directly change any of the original programming or settings set forth by the pool company.

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