Get Ready for Autumn with Smart Lighting

Lutron lighting system

A Lutron lighting system helps you determine and program the perfect balance of lighting in your Los Angeles , CA home, with convenient motorized shades or automated interior lighting – and gives you endless ways to enjoy both.

In this blog, we show you ways to utilize your system and how you benefit from installing one today. Read on to learn how Lutron can transform your daily life.


With Lutron smart lighting, you can create a luxurious environment in your home that knows and responds to your preferences. For example, maybe bright lights help you wake up in the morning. Just adjust a couple of settings and add the time you wake up. Now, your hallway and kitchen are automatically brightly-lit when you walk in, without you needing to adjust the dimmers from the night before.

When you feel like reading a book in the living room or taking a nap on the couch, you can turn lights on and off with a push of a button on your smart device – whether on your smartphone, tablet, or decorative wall panel.

Once you’re ready for bed, with one setting all the lights in your home will shut off at once, so you aren’t left wondering if you’ve left one on accidentally.

Lutron also offers motorized shades in a variety of styles and fabrics to choose from! Dual shading allows you to pick two shades at once, with each rolling down separately when you want.


With the new season, the sun’s rays get more and more intense at certain hours of the day. While natural light filling up your room can be beautiful, an easy way to cover it when midday hits is important to avoid damage to delicate interior pieces.

This is where your Lutron in handy.

Installed photo sensors can identify when the sun is shining more intensely through your windows and will then automatically lower your shades down. This keeps the sun from harming your precious artwork, antique furniture, and other delicate items that might be in its direct path.

And as every component of your system is connected as one, your smart lighting can instantly brighten in the room once the shades have lowered – keeping a space’s lighting balanced.


Getting ready to host a dinner party or a reunion with friends and family? Make sure they feel welcome by setting the perfect mood with smart lighting control. Simply push a button on your smart device to dim the lights as everyone eats, creating an inviting atmosphere and stimulating conversation.

Once guests start to move about the house, they can even go to your media room and lower those blackout shades to start a movie or watch a game. As everyone begins to leave, just turn on your landscape lighting and ensure that guests have a safe and well-lit path to their cars – while also giving your home an enhanced curb appeal.

A Lutron lighting system can change the way you enjoy your own home – and how you entertain others. Want to learn more about this amazing smart technology?

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