Your Home Theater

Imagine one remote to control everything for your home entertainment—even your lights! Whether you have the latest audio/video technology or just an HDTV mounted in your living room, Control4 home automation solutions will simplify and enhance your home entertainment experience.


A high-end home theater is more than just the sum of its components. Whether you use it for movies, sports or gaming, you’ll probably want to extend the experience to other features within the house. For example, do you want the lights to dim automatically when your movie starts to play? Since smart home solutions allow for systems in your home to “speak” to each other, your dealer can program your lighting (and even your temperature) to react to your home theater.


Since your smart house “knows” when you’re watching something, it can respond appropriately when distractions intrude on your viewing experience by pausing the movie, raising the lights and notifying you that someone is at the door. Smart entertainment is all about making your high-end home entertainment experience work for you.


By installing a Control4 home automation system, your A/V experience is simplified—giving you the power to wrangle all of your audio and video inputs and devices with the single press of a button. You’ll no longer need to fumble through seven different remote controls just to turn the volume down or set your Blu-ray to the correct input. Your authorized Control4 Dealer will configure everything so your controller “knows” how it’s all connected. The only thing you have to do is bring the popcorn.


Home entertainment is just one smart home solution that Control4 offers. By integrating your entertainment with the rest of your home, your home truly becomes smart. 
Hopefully this post has helped you understand smart home technology and how it can make your life easier, safer and help save you money. Feel free to contact us here at Accurate Communication Services Inc. and we can schedule a meeting and/or walkthrough to discuss and explain how this technology can best help your family. You can contact us at or to schedule your appointment.
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