Smart Lighting Installation & Maintenance in LA


The era of digital lighting has arrived. Traditional ROMEX wire and high voltage are no longer necessary. We create and set up indoor and outdoor lighting systems that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing for houses of all sizes. Your home will be more beautiful, functional, convenient, and efficient with smart lighting. While you’re away, make it look like someone is home. One touch can brighten or dim all the lights in the house. Set up your lights to react automatically to your schedule. It’s not merely astute; it’s genius.


Using cutting-edge technology that can produce any desired ambiance or adequate task illumination at any time of day, we have established ourselves as leaders in the spectrum of genuine tunability, which extends from 1700K to 6500K. Circadian Rhythm and Human Centric lighting can be activated at will or left on all day long.
Technology’s capacity to simulate the sun’s natural light will continue to be essential in improving our health as studies show a correlation between our exposure to artificial light and negative effects on sleep, mood, and general well-being.


Color plays a key role in enhancing any homes environment. Our complete lines of RGB and RGBW recessed fixtures, tape, and outdoor landscape lighting products are the perfect complement in creating the desired lighting effect in any application.


Our keypads are an attractive alternative to standard light switches because of their appealing interfaces, which feature customizable button layouts in a variety of stylish colors and finishes. The color of the LEDs on your keypads can be changed to indicate whether the lights are on, the door is locked, or the garage is open.


There has been a recent shift in attention on outdoor lighting due to the growing trend of outdoor living. The amount of usable space on your property can be increased by making use of the outdoor space. If you want to increase the enjoyment, security, and curb appeal of your house, landscape lighting is a great choice.
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